Pablo Picasso Biography Paintings

Pablo Picasso Biography
Pablo Picasso Biography Paintings,story of Pablo Picasso,pablo picasso facts,pablo picasso quotes

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Pablo Picasso Biography Paintings

Pablo Picasso, the great painter of the Spanish earth, who was the most talked about and controversial painter in the twentieth century, is an artist whose art was not appreciated by anyone and after his death his paintings were sold in millions because his paintings of human suffering The living document that the world later understood was Pablo Picasso, born in the city of Malaga, Spain, on the day of 1881. It was a teacher in the nearest school where he taught fine arts,

Pablo was always studying his father, so he got his early education in art from his father.He was fond of drawing from childhood, making odd pictures of his friends. They used to surprise everyone, their pictures were strange in childhood, but at that time it was known that this new art is starting as Pablo Bud He was improving his art as he was 15 years old, then his pictures started to be so beautiful, his father had all the pictures he had to make and gave Sara's entire picasso and he was told I want I am doing the same thing, I sent hi
Pablo Picasso Biography Paintings
Pablo Picasso Biography Paintings
m to the Matriculation Academy to study pictures, but in the environment there he could not read properly nor could he make pictures, so Picasso could not spend time without After returning from there, Paris was called the center of art in those days, keeping in mind that his father sent Picasso to Paris in the year 19 hundred,
then met many artists of art in it and by keeping in touch with him his art During his studies in Paris, he was constantly advancing the style of art, where the blue period rose period African influenced style work he did not only He mastered these styles, and from there he returned to his home country in Spain and started drawing paintings at that time. Most of the paintings that Picasso made were related to the depressed humanity and exploited sections of society, the second in his art in the year 1904.
At that time, Vikas had to make the portrait of Kalbaz, after that he made his popular artwork, which was prepared in the year 1906, the name of which was AB Nagan. It took Picasso almost 1 year to make this painting, after that he gave birth to the Dhanbad style in 1909 using sharp lines. His Dhanbad style and after that remained a subject of criticism for 60 to 65 years but despite that Also,

youngsters from all over the world were influenced by Dhanbad style, in the picture of Picasso's Dhanbad style, colors and lines have been used everywhere, at the same time, he made art work of Indresh. Put my hand in it and make many pictures of those women. This picture was made according to which these pictures compare with the ancient Greek sculptures.

In the year 1917, I joined the Russian Belle where he met a girl named Olga and Sal. 1918 I both got married, Olga loved Sahi life and Picasso did not like that due to which the year 1935, the two separated, Picasso did not like atrocities and injustice at all. When the German Nazi army started throwing bombs on Spain, they worked hard day and night to show their anger against the Nazi army, which made a giant picture named Grenier which was prepared in the year 1937 in this picture.

The cruelty of war and the deaths of people were shown, it became very famous, but due to this picture, Picasso Pablo had to leave his country, due to which he became a famous political He became a celebrity after that. In 1965, he married Jacqueline Rocky for the second time. He gave his paintings to many museums for free. At the age of 91, Picasso died during a dinner party in his home on 8 April 1973. Today Pablo Picasso is one of the great painters, today his paintings are printed in the books of the world, some of which are 500 thousand and 100 thousand prints and engravings in books.

He has used as many as 300 sculptures throughout his life, and an estimated 350-plus statues were stolen by Picasso Pablo, a figure that is much larger than other artists in the world in 2004. A picture of Pablo Picasso named Greystone was sold for $ 104 million and is the most expensive picture of Pablo Picasso Influenced the art world and gave birth to styles. Present day artists still use their styles.

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